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"If there was one undiscovered artist you should check out, it’s Dan Bauer."

- TunedUp

Dan Bauer is a multi-instrumental singer-songwriter who makes unorthodox pop music. A self-produced artist local to Colorado (USA), Bauer crafts cohesive albums in an age of singles and his passionate, energetic approach has led to a unique and compelling sound. Huge, melodic hooks and gritty, candid lyrics comprise Bauer’s recordings, with influences ranging from Brian Wilson to Arcade Fire, with countless artists and genres in between.


Crafting songs with dense production, dynamic swings, and an abundance of heart has defined Bauer's sound. "There's a lot of musical depth here," as Critical Reactions states, and with songs ranging from piano ballads to harpsichord-led experimental pop to 9-minute punk anthems, the songwriter's range is considerable. In addition to his music, Bauer directs his own music videos, each of which boasts a unique concept and angle. With occasional performances as a live acoustic artist, Bauer's main focus is  his studio work, and has been and will remain prolific for years to come.


"[My Demons & Me] is amazing and has seamless transitions while every song has their own unique sound to offer the album."

- Sam Koosk, MusicBoard


- Tristan Novic, MusicBoard

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"The production here is just gorgeous... there's so many layers going on and there's such a clarity to it."

 - Bryan, Critical Reactions

"I’ll come right out and say it: Dan Bauer is far too overlooked"

- Tristan Novic, MusicBoard

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