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Innovative creator proficient in...

- Javascript


- JS React

- React Native

- Github

- Davinci Resolve

- Canva

- Figma

Hey there, potential employer. My name is Dan Bauer and, as it turns out - original music won't pay the bills. So rather than tend bar in perpetuity on gig off-nights, I think a career in design would be a rewarding experience, and a job I'd perform with a great deal of precision, joy, and passion.

While I don't have a formal background in computer sciences, I graduated a full-stack software development bootcamp in Dec. 2023, through which I added skills such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Figma, React Native, and more to my repertoire. Additionally, I'm competent and experienced in Microsoft and Google's full slate of tools, as well as iOS, video editing via DaVinci Resolve, and website building with no-code alternatives. The elegant and classy, in fact, was build with Wix.

Finally, I have an English degree, a sharp mind (with an in-check ego, I promise), and a real determination to advance in a professional setting. I can bring a brand and a vision to life - for businesses small and large alike.  I'm a creative, articulate effective communicator, and if your company or business could use such contributions, I invite you to browse my design portfolio below. ultimately joining a company in a design/marketing role, or in an adjacent position, I believe strongly in my ability to contribute in a positive, creative, and meaningful way.


Thanks and let's talk soon,

- Dan

Portfolio -- UX/UI

with a touch of project designer/manager notes for spice


An app where meaningful creators collect donations in Bitcoin. Conceived, designed, and currently being coded into existence by me. 


An accountability and goal-setting social media app. Conceived, designed, and currently being coded by me. Being built for the LTMLSS brand.

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