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Hey there, potential employer. My name is Dan Bauer and, as it turns out, original music won't pay the bills. So rather than tend bar in perpetuity on gig off-nights, I think a career in design would be a rewarding experience, and a job I'd perform with a great deal of precision, joy, and passion.

With a professional background in hospitality and music instruction, I took it upon myself in 2023 to enroll in a full-stack software development bootcamp to further my professional capabilities. Utilizing the skills I've gained through this endeavor, I have fully designed the UX/UI and of two apps. Additionally, I have for years been a highly-competent user of Microsoft and Google suites. Creatively, I've become adept at video editing via DaVinci Resolve, and website building with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Additionally, I am capable of building a convincing business site with no-code alternatives such as Wix, the website that built the elegant and classy 

Finally, I have an English degree, a sharp mind (with an in-check ego, I promise), and a real determination to advance in a professional setting. I can bring a brand a vision and brand to life - for businesses small and large alike.  If your company could use an imaginative, organized, meticulous creative to join its team, I invite you to review my resume below. I'd love to join a company in a design/marketing role, and if you have a position to fill, feel free to reach out by email (


Thanks and hope to chat soon,

- Dan

 Portfolio -- UX/UI 

with a touch of project designer/manager notes for spice

 the LMTLSS app 

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An app built for fellow creative and entrepeneur Trevor Finney, I singlehandedly conceptualized and designed the LMTLSS app. A social media app with an accountability and fitness twist, the idea for this app was borne to give a digital home to those seeking to reach their goals, and find community along the way.

Designed using Figma, this app is slated for a late 2024 launch. Featuring robust features such as messaging, varying reaction emojis, a progress tracker calendar, fully customizable user profiles, and more, the LMTLSS app is set to capture users' attention, invite interaction, and - above all - provide a way for them to reach their goals with streamlined and user-friendly tools and features.

Whether assisting users in reaching their financial, fitness, social, or other goals, the LMTLSS app is a sleek, modern, visually-compelling way to encourage progress and achievement in a familiar social media setting.

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sathuB is an app created, designed, and built by me. It's a web app and mobile site where creators can post meaningful works in different mediums and solicit Bitcoin donations for their endeavors. The app itself is a meant to  serve as a catch-all platform where creatives (especially multifaceted ones) can showcase their work. The app has some social media components, such as a bifurcated, algorithmic home feed, media upload capabilities, a navigable footer, and user profiles.

On sathuB, creators are encouraged to upload their content, and make it either free of charge or hidden behind a paywall (the BTC-related '.00010309 Zone.' I'm particularly proud of this app and believe its many unique features -- date-based subscriptions, creator soundoffs, and my unique BrowseCat media search tool -- will make sathuB a desired home for Bitcoiner creators for all facets of media.

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 Production Visualizers 

Production Visualizers are a concept I solely created and designed. Made with Davinci Resolve, I premiered this amended take on lyric videos for my 2023 musical releases. With these videos, listeners are given not only the song's lyrics, but its production elements, instrument-by-instrument, for the duration of the album.

While these were ostensibly made as a passion project, I believe they showcase my ability to create unique, engaging ideas and - ultimately - visuals.

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