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Hey there, potential employer. My name is Dan Bauer and, as it turns out - original music won't pay the bills. So rather than tend bar in perpetuity on gig off-nights, I think a career in doing precisely what I'm doing right now would be a rewarding experience, and a job I'd perform with a great deal of precision, joy, and passion.

While I don't have a formal background in computer sciences, I am currently enrolled in a full-stack software development bootcamp (graduating Dec. 2023), and am a lifelong learner with a desire to improve my craft in the future. Credentials not withstanding, I am still a highly-competent user of Miscrosoft, and Google suites, as well as iOS, video editing via DaVinci Resolve, and website building with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Additionally, I am capable of building a convincing business site with no-code alternatives such as Wix, the website that built the elegant and classy 

Finally, I have an English degree, a sharp mind (with an in-check ego, I promise), and a real determination to advance in a professional setting. I can bring a brand and a vision to life - for businesses small and large alike.  If your company or business could use such contributions, I invite you to review my resume below. I'd love to join a company in a design/marketing role, and if you have a position to fill, my contact information is in the resume.


Thanks and hope to chat soon,

- Dan

- Website Designer
- Brand Manager
- Marketer/Designer
- Graphic Designer
- Copywriter
- Social Media Manager
- Video Editor
- Organizer/Manager



Of what I could do for your business.

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- ABC Future Customer

I can collect your customers' info with forms like this, and organize that data on the back-end.

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