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Love, Dan -- P1 -- Official Artwork.jpg

Release date: Oct 10 

Love, Dan 


Love, Dan is Dan Bauer's upcoming third album and is a radical leap forward from his previous work. Written, produced, performed (all non-brass instruments), and recorded by Bauer, the album marks a bold step forward in the artist's career trajectory. Musically, it's a bombastic indie pop project with densely-layered production and a truly eclectic mix of melodic, sprawling arrangements. With songs ranging from piano ballads to synth-heavy acoustic anthems, this eclectic mix of oddball indie pop arrangements brings about a truly unique sound. Fans of Arcade Fire, Remi Wolf, and MGMT may resonate best with the album's sound, although the end product is ultimately a decidedly unique sonic experience.


Despite its myriad genres and tones, the album is a cohesive listen musically and, lyrically, tells one unified story. Over its precisely-one-hour runtime, the album tells a candid, introspective story of love, loss, depression, and redemption and touches candidly on Bauer's suicidal past. Despite its heavy subject matter, the album has an optimistic, endearing tone, and, through its collection of indie-adjacent songs, seeks to leave listeners with a feeling of hope and perseverance.

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