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U.G.L.Y.  ...E.P.K.

UGLY -- P1 -- Official Artwork.jpg

Private Stream 

The Rundown 

'U.G.L.Y.' is the second single from Dan Bauer's upcoming 2022 LP, 'Love, Dan.' Landing somewhere between indie pop and alternative, this track features Bauer playing acoustic guitar, bass, drums, and percussion over quirky and eclectic production. Lyrically, this song showcases the singer-songwriter recounting the consequences of a life bereft of personal responsibility for one's grief. The song's tone can best be described as bold, dynamic, and melodic, and it is likely to resonate best with fans of Beck or MGMT.


'U.G.L.Y.' was written, produced, co-mixed, and performed by Dan Bauer. It was recorded by Dan Bauer and mixed and mastered by Zach Zyla.

The Schedule 

March 22

Single will be released to all streaming services. A cool-ass production visual video will be released on YouTube, as well.

April 15

I will hurriedly file my taxes and then release the U.G.L.Y. music video. The video is visually-captivating and was shot in a New Hampshire smash room. It was shot by Connor Boucher and directed and edited by Dan Bauer. Dan's prior 2 self-directed music videos can be found here.

Press: click           to view and/or download single art, HQ artist photos, song file, and see music video ahead of time. 

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