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If you're a fan of my work and want to support me using the most fair, freedom-oriented form of money discovered, scan the QR code below. 


BTC Wallet Address: 3HD6mfXCFj7nrm3NjrWK8pHVNedUxTwpPK

My BTC Philosophy

While there are 21 million reasons why I believe in Bitcoin, my primary rationale is that it's inherently fair and honest. For the uninitiated, just know that we're living within an exploitative and corrupted central banking system. Savers are punished and those who take on debt are rewarded in this fiat scheme, and this instability and perpetual loss of purchasing power has had grave societal consequences. The value of our labor and productivity has been and is being eroded via a system in which the value of a dollar decreases year-over-year (and often at an accelerating clip). I believe in proof-of-work as a principle in life, and will do my  best to use and spread awareness about a form of money whose principles and functionality reflect these values.

 Bitcoin Portfolio 

Dan Bauer Rant Hauer:


An hour-long expose covering Bitcoin, money, central banking, and our financial system at large. This edutainment piece was written, edited, and scored solo.



Currently in development, sathuB is set to to

be a digital museum where artists of varying mediums can display their works  and solicit Bitcoin donations for their efforts.

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