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Kayla (2023)

A one-shot video touching upon the delayed realized gravity of life-altering decisions.

Alive! (2022)


A candid journey through some of my lows, but with an ultimately uplifting message.

Ass Like That 2 (2022)

A video about love, loss, lust, and ass. Featuring a puppet of myself a la Eminem.

U.G.L.Y. (2022)

Trippy visuals, unique shots, and a PG way to watch me smash on camera.


Magic When It Comes Together (2022)

A music video that would have made more sense if a certain NH cinema chain was chill.

The Balance (2020)


Featuring real audio from random street performers who I taught my song to on the spot.

High Strung (2020)

A one-shot video where I play guitar, drums, bass, and sing simultaneously… sort of.

All music videos directed by Dan Bauer

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